Friday, July 15, 2011

New Blog

Hello fellow stampers,I have been away on holiday (helping daughter move into new abode in the country so not really a holiday). Here is a pic of a bit of time out. Little Kye loves to ride his bike and we were transfering some furniture to an old house on the block which is quite a way for the little tacker to ride his bike. I decided to grab one of the horses lead ropes and pull him along. It worked like a charm. The first two days we were there it rained and rained all day and night. Here you can see the sun finally came out although it was still only 9'.
I have been having trouble with this blog so thought I would give you my Stampin' Up! blog so that you can check out what has been going on over there. It is:-

I will try to update as often as I can.  With work and other committments lately I have been unable to update.  I will also try to keep this one updated as well. We arrived home yesterday after being away at our daughters and also to Mandurah for a night for my mums birthday.  We were lucky in Mandurah as the sun shone for both days that we were there.  We sat outside and enjoyed the warmth of the sun whilst eating birthday cake and having our cuppa.  I was straight into making cards once I arrived home as I had to quickly get a card off to my sister in law for her birthday.  As you can see I had great difficulty trying to even see to get this card finished. My cat would not leave me alone and wanted to be on my shoulder the whole time.  This is something she quite often does and it has to be the left shoulder.  Anyway pop over to my other blog. Thanks for popping by.

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