Monday, May 6, 2013


It has been a whole week since our Stamp Camp at Avalon with Pat Carr.  We had a wonderful time but the weekend went by so quickly.  We arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed two nights and packed up around 2pm to head back home. There were 17 ladies and one of them my mum who enjoyed herself with it being her first ever stamp camp. It was a very busy weekend and lots of interesting projects. Avalon Homestead is situated just out of Toodyay in Western Australia. It is so peaceful and the views are just gorgeous. There was mist in the valley on Sunday morning and the birds were chirping and it was just magic sitting outside having a nice cup of tea with Mum.

Delveen and Peter are the owners of Avalon Homestead and they made us truly welcome. There is nothing that they wouldn't do for us. They are always happy to help. Delveen came in with her camera to take a few shots of us busy making our projects. I managed to talk her into making a card with us when it was my turn to demo.  I am not sure if Delveen has made any cards before but she did a great job.  She seemed pleased with her efforts.  Here you see her with the card she made.

I have almost finished my projects from the camp. I brought home 5 packs that I was unable to complete on the camp.  I have one more card to make.  Here is a pic of the projects we made.  There were 21 projects to be completed. We had guest demos who showed us some techniques that most of us had not seen before. They were Andrea Buckland, Susan Joyce, Angela Ebert and myself. At the time of taking this photo I could not find my card that I did the demo on so I have substituted one I made earlier. The one I did at camp was a slider card like the one Delveen is holding in her hand. I really liked the projects we made over the weekend.  There were no real simple ones.  Each one took quite some time to finish and as I said before a lot of us took home incompleted projects to finish at home.

The card below is what I think Pat called Floating Flower Card. What a great idea.  You could use your imagination to do anything to this card. For a boy you could do aeroplanes, cars etc. You could do tools for the men or even beer. LOL! Anything is possible.
This is what the card looks like when you open it up. What a lovely surprise the recipient will get when they open up this card.

Well last but not least here is the group of 17 ladies sitting out the front of Avalon Homestead. This area was where we would take our cuppa out and sit and relax and clear our minds.  Its easy sitting and making cards all weekend but your head does need a little break even if you dont think it does.
Thanks to Delveen and Peter who made our stay feel like home.

Well its off to bed for me. I have been sitting up trying to decide what swap to do for SU! Convention which is only two weeks away.  I cant believe how quick this year has flown by and how quick Convention has come up. I still have no idea of what I am going to do. Perhaps something will come to me in my sleep.
Bye for now and thanks for popping by:)