Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hi Honey I'm Home

Yes we are home again. We had a wonderful holiday. We managed to get as far as Cape Tribulation in Qld with the caravan. We were away 10wks and I can now say it was not long enough. It would be nice to keep going until we were ready to come home. At least we have done it now and know what that side of the country looks like. Its so funny when you meet people from overseas and they say they are going to do from Cairns to Tasmania in 2 wks. They just dont understand how big Australia is. I was calculating all the time the amount of time left to make sure we were home in time for our niece's wedding.
While away I was checking out the new catalogue. Although I managed to see it, it was much better coming home to an actual book to browse through. I have done my wish list and as always it is quite long. Ha Ha! The catalogue is lovely with lots of interesting ideas. I have You to say that while away I did not do one bit of cardmaking although I did bring a whole lot of gear with me but never got to use it. Now that I am home I am into it again and getting my Christmas cards done. I am also getting ready for our Workshop which will be on Saturday 20th November at 12.00. We will be making a mini album and the only equipment you is yourself and of course a smile. Please let me know if you would like to attend the next Workshop. This will be the last one for the year unless you can talk me into another before Christmas.
Looking forward to seeing you all again. It really does not feel that long ago for me but it has been three months.
Also we have a special on which lasts until 30th November.
You will receive an exclusive pack of ribbon when you buy a Christmas gift-giving bundle or if you host a $550 workshop. If your wish list is a long one then perhaps you might like to host a Workshop to enable yourself to some free stamps, papers etc. Its a great way of receiving items that you have been wanting (for free). I remember when I was introduced to Stampin' Up! The demonstrator came to my house and I have about 6-8 ladies (cant recall how many). I was so surprised at how many products I received for free. I was so excited! I would like for you to feel that way too. Of course no pressure as I dont believe in pressuring people. I dont like being pressured myself.
Well I must go and get some more cards done and preps for workshop.
Thanks for popping by:)