Monday, May 24, 2010

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb & Convention

I think I faced my biggest ever challenge while in Sydney. I was so nervous the day before and the day of our Bridge Climb. My heart was pounding leading up to the climb. I was not sure if I could go ahead with it or not. I was worried that I might have to have been brought back without the team. I have to admit that I felt faint a few times but managed to talk myself out of it. Probably about a quarter of the way up I started to feel better as we were no longer walking on mesh which can be seen through. My worry was how we were going to cross the bridge to the other side. I dont know how the workers managed to build this monster of a bridge in the early days with nothing to hold them up. Walking along the gerders with their tools etc.

When we reached the top it felt so surreal. I had to keep telling myself that we were actually on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Going down was a piece of cake. I thought this would have been the worst part but it was actually the easiest. Our tour guide and leader, John was marvellous. He was funny and full of interesting stories to tell of how the bridge was made and how the workers got on etc. I would recommend it to anyone. Before you chicken out I have to tell you that a lady at the age of 100 has even done the bridge climb.

Here are some of the swaps I received at Convention. The convention was fantastic. As usual Stampin' Up! did their very best to make sure we enjoyed every minute, and that we did. Next year we are actually having a three day convention which is exciting as it was sad to see the end of this one. Next years convention is to be held in Melbourne on May 12, 13 & 14th.

We were surprised when we entered the doors to dinner on Saturday night. Shelli, the Co-Founder of Stampin' Up! had organised that we enter like we would if arriving as a celebrity at the Grammy Awards. They had the red carpet, the papparazzi, lights, music etc. It was great! They even had the wall just like at the Grammy's only it had Stampin' Up! written all over it. Every table had a huge vase with pink tulips wrapped around the inside with a large lit candle in the centre. Here you can see just how beautiful it would have been with the black tablecloths. It just makes you wonder how they keep getting better each year. I wonder what is in store for us next year?

Well I had better get to bed as I have work tomorrow. I have been downloading photos all day today of our wonderful trip to disks for my fellow stampers that I had much pleasure in sharing our special few days with. Its bye for now and thanks for popping by.


  1. Hi Jenny
    You are looking a bit pale, we will blame it on the early morning sun. Haaha! The flowers are gorgeous.